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Episode 5: MakerDAO Constitutional Comeback & Endgame
About the episode:
In this episode of Delegate, Cameron, and Laurence continue the conversation from our last episode with a contrasting opinion on MakerDAOs MIP101: The Constitution. We talk Maker facilitators, Juan and Retro. Join us as we dive deep into the structural challenges within the DAO, the need for change, and how they are approaching it with the endgame.

Guest: 0xRetro, Juan


Episode 4: Maker MIP101: Constitutional Concerns
About the episode:

In this episode of Delegate, Cameron and Laurence sit down with Paper Imperium and Codeknight, two prominent MakerDAO delegates, to discuss the ins and outs of MIP101: The Maker Constitution and address some of the community's concerns.

Dive into the Maker as our guests share their insights on the proposed constitution, its guiding principles, and its impact on MakerDAO's long-term goals and vision. Explore the critical concerns raised by the community, ranging from adaptability and flexibility to governance framework and accountability.


Guests: Paper Imperium & Codeknight

Episode 3: MakerDAO Governance
About the episode:
In this episode of Delegate, Cameron and Laurence Talk with governance facilitators at MakerDAO about the intricacies of governance. Payton Rose & Patrick J. serve the MakerDAO by ensuring that the governance process and decisions are executed as intended. We start at Maker governance and dive deep into how the DAO operates

Guest: Payton Rose, Patrick J


Episode 2: Regulation 101
About the episode:
In this episode of Delegate, Cameron and Laurence chat with Bill Hughs, Senior Counsel & Director of Global Regulatory Matters at ConsenSys, and dive into the weeds of crypto regulation. Covering everything from how the regulations are formed within the US to the EUs MICA proposal!

Guest: Bill Hughs



Bill Hughes is senior counsel and director of global regulatory matters for ConsenSys  Bill focuses on the diverse and ever-evolving crypto regulatory landscape and the legal, regulatory, and public policy issues for ConsenSys    


Bill joined ConsenSys after serving as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice, where he managed, among other things, the Department’s work on prospective regulations, legislative proposals, and policies across a broad spectrum of legal and operational issues.  Bill also has served at the White House, where he oversaw various operational components, working closely with the US Secret Service and White House Military Office. 

Episode 1: DAOs & Taxes
About the episode:
In this debut episode of Delegate, Cameron and Laurence chat with Tony Tuths, KPMG's digital asset tax lead, and dive deep into the complex world of DAOs and Taxes

Guest: Tony Tuths



Tony is a Principal in KPMG’s Alternative Investment Tax practice and leader of the firm’s digital asset tax practice. He has more than 20 years of experience in tax structuring and advisory of alternative investment clients.


Tony is responsible for tax structuring and tax advisory services for a broad range of asset management clients including hedge funds, crypto funds, fund of funds, private equity and venture capital funds. Tony has worked extensively with the formation and operation of funds trading a multitude of asset classes and various strategies.

Tony tuths.jpg
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